One of the main objectives of our library is the protection of regional traditions of Wielkopolska:

  • we organize seminars for choreographers, musicians, and culture animators with the participation of specialists from various Polish regions (ethnographers, folklorists, ethnochoreographers, ethnomusicologists, folk instruments experts),
  • we organize shows for bagpipe music bands, folk groups, folk creators, and also competitions for the constructors of folk instruments,
  • we conduct workshops for folklore ensembles, singing groups and musicians,
  • we publish books on folklore music, dance, customs, rites and dialect of Wielkopolska region, including the „Wielkopolska Folklore Volumes” series,
  • we provide conceptual and organizational assistance in the implementation of local projects aimed to promote the folk culture,
  • since 1962, we have been running the “Wielkopolanie” Folklore Group (,
  • we run a website with news about the regional customs, cuisine, legends, architecture, ethnographic open-air museums and more (

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