About Us

The Regional Public Library and Culture Animation Center (WBPiCAK) is an institution located in Poznan, the capital of the Wielkopolska province. The library was founded in 1947 as The Regional Public Library.

Educational and professional support

Our activities focus on the work outside the city of Poznan, within the province, and very often in towns with a population below 2 000. Our staff – library instructors and culture animators – conducts educational activities in the field for the employees of public institutions such as public libraries and their branches, community centers, museums and regional chambers.

Our educational activity is related to improving professional qualifications, promoting readership, and improving the quality and attractiveness of the services offered by cultural institutions in the Wielkopolska province.

The recipients of our services are librarians, cultural institutions’ employees, readers, and local customers.

Depending on the needs of the recipient, we propose education within the scope of literature, bibliotherapy, law for libraries, implementing new technologies, identifying customer needs, obtaining grants as well as marketing services in cultural institutions.

We organize non-profit trainings and we conduct courses, workshops, and lectures. We often run educational activities in the hometowns of the recipients.

We are also involved in organizing cultural activities for the physically disabled, the intellectually disabled, the visually impaired, and the elderly.


There are two library departments available for our users. Apart from books and audiobooks, the library provides access to ebooks and digital resources. What’s more, users can borrow ebook readers for free.

Statistics for the year 2017:

  • staff: 57, including 30 librarians,
  • collection: 113 625 book volumes, 2 341 audiobooks, free e-books, 5 962 digital entries in The Digital Library of Wielkopolska,
  • series: 50 titles

Acting director

  • Małgorzata Grupińska-Bis

Our addresses

Library & Department of the Knowledge of The Region

B. Prusa St. 3
60-819 Poznań
(Jeżyce district)

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