Ebooks and digital items


Our users can get free access to ebook platforms: IBUK Libra and Legimi.

To borrow an ebook:

  • visit our library and get the library card
  • ask a librarian about unique PIN/access code for IBUK Libra and Legimi ebook platforms
  • register your account via the platform: enter PIN/access code
  • Now you can borrow ebooks for free!
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Digital libraries

We also offer access to full text databases with digital items. They don’t require any account or even library card to browse. The only thing you need is Internet access.


Ebooks and digital items T

he Digital Library of Wielkopolska www.wbc.poznan.pl

The digital collections of the libraries and cultural institutions of Wielkopolska; they include documents, journals, and graphics on the cultural heritage of the region.
Ebooks and digital items Polona The National Digital Library www.polona.pl The digital collections of the National Library; they include the most important editions of literature and scientific materials, historical documents, journals, graphics, photographs, and maps. The library resources present rich Polish cultural heritage with its age-old tradition and achievements.
Ebooks and digital items Digital Libaries Federation www.fbc.pionier.net.pl Knowledge base of cultural institutions; provides information on sharing and use of online collections.


Research and library databases available on-site


Ebooks and digital items Academica
Interlibrary loan system of scientific publications, giving access to digital documents of the National Library of Poland, which include contemporary books and scientific journals in every field.
Ebooks and digital items EBSCO
Full text and bibliographic database. Subject areas include: academic, biomedical, government, education and more.

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