6th Ireneusz Zjeżdżałka’s Greater Poland Festival of Photography: “Inner Landscapes”

The motto of the 6th edition of the Festival – “Inner Landscapes” – refers to the changes that surround us as a consequence of the climatic, political and pandemic crises. It is focused around those artistic attitudes that turn ‘inward’ and explore issues related to memory, trauma, isolation, individual and social imagination, among others. The events of the 6th Festival have been divided into the Main and the Regional Programme.

The Main Programme is comprised of 4 exhibitions that will take place in different galleries around Poznań, as well as projects selected in the “Playground” open call. The exhibition programme will be accompanied by workshops, lectures, seminars and meetings that deepen the thematic area of “inner landscapes”.

The exhibitions of the Main Programme tell a multilayered tell focused around the motto of the Festival. Karolina Ćwik, depicting intimate spaces of everyday life in the frames of her series “Don’t look at me”, reveals her ambivalent experiences of being a woman, mother and artist at the same time. It is a story about balancing on the edge of one’s own bodily and mental boundaries. In contrast, Marta Normington’s exhibition “Cosmic navel and other stories” focuses on the mythical centre of everything. Referring simultaneously to mythology and history, the artist tells of nomadic journeys in search of a relationship with the world and one’s attempts to anchor themselves in reality. She also asks the question about the consequences of the authoritarian gesture of pointing to the “navel of the world”.

“To be developed” by Jarosław Klups is a journey in search of afterimages of experiences and emotions accompanying the exploration of photography. The artist introduces the viewer to a world of objects, sounds and smells tangled together, revealing to them the fascinating expanses of the development of amateur photography in the 1970s and 1980s. Karolina Wojtas and Maciej Cholewa, on the other hand, embarked on a lifesaving mission of space conquest, investigating the “influence of vacuum on living organisms”. Their expedition, however, is doomed to failure from the outset. If using all the technologies and theories available on Earth we cannot stop the upcoming catastrophe, will we be able to survive thanks to them on another planet?

The Regional Programme is the result of collaboration with cultural institutions, photographers and theoreticians, as well as art groups active throughout the Greater Poland voivodeship. The rich and varied programme includes a number of exhibitions and events that will take place in: Gniezno, Kalisz, Kleszczewo, Konin, Krotoszyn, Koszuty, Międzychód, Mosina, Nowy Tomyśl, Poznań, Piła, Pleszewo, Słupca, Śrem, Trzcianka, Trzemeszno, Wągrowiec and Zbąszyń.

Ireneusz Zjeżdżałka’s Greater Poland Festival of Photography, held since 2012, is the voivodeship’s largest photographic review showing the condition of regional photography, the forms of involvement of artists in the life of local communities, and documenting the changes taking place in the region and contemporary reality.

The Festival is co-created by Kamila Kobierzyńska, Julia Stachura (content assistance), Agata Grzych (curator of the ‘Playground’ exhibitions), Agnieszka Zdziabek (visual identity).

A detailed schedule of exhibitions and events can be found below.

Main Programme

October 14

Don’t look at me
Karolina Ćwik
WBPiCAK Gallery, 3 Prusa St., Poznań
opening / Festival’s opening 17:00

To be developed
Jarosław Klupś
Gallery of Photography pf, CK Zamek, 80/82 Św. Marcin St., Poznań
opening 18:30

October 15

Playground – open call exhibitions
Passage 47, 47 Św. Marcin St., Poznań
opening 16:30

The influence of vacuum on living organisms
Karolina Wojtas, Maciej Cholewa
DOMIE, 53a Św. Marcin 53a St., Poznań
opening 18:00

Cosmic navel and other stories
Marta Normington
Pireus Incubator of Culture, 35 Głogowska St., Poznań
opening 20:00

Regional Programme

October 7

At my place in the countryside
Joanna Adamczak
Cultural Centre of Nowy Tomyśl, 3 Tysiąclecia St., Nowy Tomyśl
opening 18:00

October 8

Marek Lapis
Art Gallery in Mosina, 1 Niezłomnych St., Mosina
opening 17:30

Blenda Club
curator: Marcin Pawlik
Refektarz Gallery, KOK, 18 56 Pułku Piechoty Wlkp. St. , Krotoszyn
opening 18:00

October 14

It was a fancy pigeon
Kamila Kobierzyńska
Śrem Museum, 89 A. Mickiewicza St., Śrem

Antoni Rut
curator: Leszek Lesiczka
Muzeum Ziemi Średzkiej (Museum of the Śrem Area) Mansion in Koszuty, 27 Koszuty
opening 18:00

Around the chimney
Robert Radajewski
Krotoszyńska Biblioteka Publiczna im. Arkady Fiedler Krotoszyn Public Library, 9 Benicka St., Krotoszyn
opening 18:00

October 15

85 – guided tour
Kinga Wrona

Centrala Gallery, 6a Cyryla Ratajskiego Square, Poznań
guided tour 12:00-16:00
exhibition open: 16.09-15.10.2022

Fields of Vision
Zachar Szerstobitow
Jak Gallery, 37 Św. Marcin St., Poznań
opening 19:00

October 16

Jerzy Sieczkowski – The Master
Jerzy Sieczkowski
curator: Marek Lapis
Old Town Hall in Gniezno (Municipal Cultural Centre in Gniezno), 41a Chrobrego St., Gniezno
opening 16:30

Jerzy Sieczkowski – My Students.
Marek Lapis, Piotr Robakowski, Przemysław Strzyżewski
curator: Marek Lapis
Cultural Centre “Scena to dziwna” 42 Roosevelta St., Gniezno
opening 18:00

October 18

Poplar District
Magdalena Fornalik and Wildecki Senior Club “Shelter of the Third Age”
Europa Culture Shelter, 24 Rolna St., Poznań
opening 18:30

October 19

filter: overview
group exhibition

Centre for Social Integration, 25 Pocztowy Square, Trzcianka
opening 18:00

Trzemeszno herbarium
group exhibition
(Barbara Antas, Anna Beśka, Daniela Bodda, Bogumiła Matuszak, Piotr Talaga, Jerzy Karczewski, Lucjan Wełniak)
group mentor: Marceli Konieczny
Trzemeszno Culture House, 11 Św. Jana St., Trzemeszno
opening 18:00

October 20

group exhibition
curator: Katarzyna Olter
Pantaleon Szuman District and Municipal Public Library in Piła, 14 Staromiejska St., Piła
opening 17:00

Dust – exhibition and book premiere
Mariusz Forecki
Pix.House, 33 Głogowska St., Poznań
opening 18:00

October 21

Observatory (exhibition of students of the UAP Photography Department)
Małgorzata Ciesielska, Mikołaj Karczewski, Oliwia Oleszak, Julia Sokołowska, Andrzej Staniek, Natalia Sulikowska, Urszula Urban
supervisor: Dr Anna Kędziora, Max Radawski, MA
Pani Domu, 7/7 Niegolewskich St., Poznań
opening 18:00

Get through the chaos / I can’t get through the chaos
Michał Adamski
Museum of Zbąszyń and Kozioł Region, 8 Rynek St., Zbąszyń
opening 18:00

Where will they live?
Ao Ngan Wa
Centre for Culture and Arts – DK Oskard, 1 Maja Street 7a, Konin
opening 18:30

October 22

Studio of Precious and Historical Techniques. Exposure workshops
group exhibition
curator: Lech Szymanowski
Gallery of the Municipal House of Culture in Wągrowiec, 55 Kościuszki St., Wągrowiec
opening 17:00

It was a fancy pigeon – meeting with the artist Kamila Kobierzyńska
Muzeum Śremskie, A. Mickiewicza St., Śrem
duration of exhibition: 14.10-6.11.2022

October 26

Arkadiusz Szymański
curator: Nadzeya Minzer
Wieża Ciśnień Gallery, 66a Górnośląska St., Konin
opening 18:30

October 28

Breath of the city
Lokalni Pstrykacze PPL
Public Library of the Town and Commune of Pleszew, 1 Kolejowa St., Pleszew
opening 18:00

Accompanying programme

October 17-21

Camera à la minute. One-day photography workshop
prowadzący: Tomasz Kowalczyk
5 days – 5 locations:
– Mon. 17.10. Pleszew – Public Library of the Town and Municipality of Pleszew
– Tues. 18.10. Słupca – Regional Museum in Słupca
– Wednesday 19.10. Kleszczewo – Communal Culture and Sports Centre in Kleszczewo
– Thurs. 20.10. Szamotuły – Szamotuły Cultural Centre
– Fri. 21.10. Międzychód – J. D. Janocki Public Library and Cultural Animation Centre in Międzychód
daily 12:00-18:00

October 18

Recurring images – memory, body, photography
PL only
 open lecture inaugurating the theoretical and practical seminar “Internal images – traces of memory”
lecturer: Julia Stachura
Atrium of the building B of the University of Arts in Poznań, 29 Marcinkowskiego Square, Poznań

October 25

Community (in) photography
PL only panel discussion
moderators: Prof. Marianna Michałowska, Prof. Rafał Koschany
Scena Nowa, Zamek Cultural Centre, 80/82 Św. Marcin St., Poznań

October 26

Pages of Photography: meeting with Marta Normington
PL only discussion panel around books and publications
Art Branch, Raczynski Library, 19 Wolności Sqaure, Poznań

October 27, 30

The phenomenon of error
PL only 2-day darkroom workshop accompanying Jarosław Klups’ exhibition
Kamila Kobierzyńska
Studio of Photography at Zamek Cultural Centre, 80/82 Św. Marcin St., Poznań

part. I – Thurs. 27.10, 16:00-19:00
part. II – Sun. 30.10, 10:00-13:00
(registration required)

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